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Useful Life

When new, machines are often admired for their shine and beauty, but soon lose their luster as they become part of the working world.  After a life of hard use, it becomes more challenging to find beauty in them and to appreciate the effects of the ruts and bumps that have been part of their journey.

Useful Life examines the details of objects and machines that spend their lives being used for a practical purpose:  objects such as fishing nets, construction equipment, work boats and trains.  These objects have provided a lot to us, from our food to our homes, yet are often overlooked as mere conveyances.  Their vocabulary is the grit, gunk, dust and dirt that clothe them and the scars and wounds that testify to the tough lives they live.  Utilizing classic black and white film photography and gelatin silver printing techniques, Useful Life is the narrative of the beauty and texture of some of these details.

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